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*A selection of my latest Everyday Sculptures is currently available for purchase at La Lune Gallery and will be presented at the OBJECT-POEM exhibition, taking place in Paris at rue Elzévir 6 & 7 from May30 to June 8. For inquiries contact ​

Everyday sculptures, is an ever evolving, ongoing collection of one of a kind wheel thrown sculptural items, designed and entirely handmade by myself at my atelier in Rotterdam.  Even though each ceramic sculpture is actually wheel thrown, it appears to be “carved out” of a block and placed on a pedestal. 


I see ceramics as ritual tools and art as part of everyday life. In my practice I like to investigate the tension between functional and sculptural, turning clay into abstract shapes and symbols, yet with a strong material presence.

- “There must be no art detached from life, beautiful things to look at and ugly things to use.” Bruno Munari - 


My  goal is to create sculptural pieces which accompany and celebrate daily rituals, becoming domestic totems, joyful protectors of the home and the mindful rituality we all carefully craft everyday. ​

CITY VASES: The very first edition of everyday sculptures, was launched in collaboration with Pauline Egge, founder of Petite Passport, a travel design travel guide. Pauline shared with Giulia impressions of her favourites European cities; Giulia created eight sculpture vases, each inspired by the feelings and emotions behind each city Pauline made a guide of.  Since then, the Everyday Sculptures collection has been growing and keeps evolving and expanding to a series of unique and limited edition pieces.


Giulia about City Vases: "I approach my work by feel and touch. After all, ceramics is a craft where the tactile is the translation of a feeling, a state of mind or a memory into our physical world. Having traveled throughout Europe's various cities, this is where Pauline and I found our common fascination. You can describe a city through its atmosphere, its rawness, refinement or its elegance and that was the starting point of this collaboration. But isn't the joy of traveling through cities more about the memories, the landmarks in our minds? TheCity Vases are the outcome of these feelings, translated through the power of touch into the physical. In-so-being their existence and their expression is a way to materialise fleeting memories into shapes and compositions. A city is a collection of objects and buildings, but it is in the voids in between where we walkand meet people that we really experience the city. The City Vases therefore not only translate Pauline's feelings, memories and impressions, but also show the city in form, and the negative space in between. As a result, the vases have been conceived as a collection of these shapes, a city-scape so-to-speak, where the shapes and their negative spaces inter play in a sculptural almost architectural composition. The limited-edition collection consists of eight City Vases. All cities shine in theirindividuality, but they also work as a family, a European landscape so to say."

Material details



Material - warm white or speckled white clay, milk glossy glaze

ALL featured photography is by Marieke Verdenius and Laure van Rooij

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