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“There must be no art detached from life, beautiful things to look at and ugly things to use.” Bruno Munari

My goal is to create sculptural pieces which accompany and celebrate daily rituals. Being it flowers or your first coffee in the morning, the idea of domestic totems arises from my interest in creating one of a kind everyday sculptures.

I see ceramics as ritual tools and art as part of everyday life. In my practice I like to investigate the tension between functional and sculptural, turning clay into abstract shapes and symbols, yet with a strong material presence.

Giulia Cosenza is a designer and ceramicist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Alongside her work as designer, since 2015 she has been dedicating herself to a more tactile, gestural and unstable kind of practice, the art of ceramics. Her ceramic work ranges from wheel thrown pottery to hand built pieces and draws inspiration from the familiar, the functional and the domestic, while challenging it all with hybrid pieces which can be situated between functional and symbolic, the material and the metaphorical. ​​

Domestic Totems _Ph.Marieke Verdenius_06.jpg
Domestic Totems _Ph.Marieke Verdenius_11.jpg

Press &

recent events

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“Talent on show” interview September 2021 printed issue of Elle Decor Italia

Domestic Totems featured on March 2023 printed issue of Scandinavian Living 

City Vases featured on September 2023 printed issue of Sabato Magazine


Online features: interview on INTERNI magazine. Vases x Gaea Holy House Vogue NL , Instagram ceramicists to follow on AD Italia 


November/December 2023: recent work at HOY Paris for The Italian in Paris


September 2023: TERRE at Avenue Gallery in Delft as part of "Form follows Matter" exhibition

May 2022: resident at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts -Deer Isle, Maine.


Summer 2021: resident at Numeroventi - Firenze

September 2021: Milan Desin Week; Monomio Spot at "Cattedrali" Alpha District.

November 2020 to January 2021: Winter Show at Thrown Contemporary - London

September 2020: 1000 vases at Galerie Joseph - Paris

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